Harrow Recycling Centre

Trade waste and fees

Trade waste is now accepted at the recycling centre and you will not need to book a slot, but simply go to the weigh bridge. Please familiarise yourself with the fees below.

If you are a company that wants to dispose of waste, or if you are disposing waste using a van, you will incur charges to dispose of your waste.

If you are a Harrow resident that wants to dispose of personal waste using a car, then please visit our Harrow Recycling Centre page.

Please see below for an updated fee’s list if you are a business or disposing of waste using a van (prices have been revised as of the 1st April 2020.)

If you are a resident from outside of the borough, you can only dispose recycling waste at the center.

Waste disposal fees
General Waste (£275 a tonne) Minimum charge £95
Green Waste (£80 a tonne) Minimum charge £25
Cardboard (£80 a tonne) Minimum charge £25
Trade Mattresses £20 each
Metals Free of charge
Out of borough residents (Recycling only) Minimum charge £25