Harrow Recycling Centre

What can I take to the Harrow Recycling Centre?

When you visit Harrow Recycling Centre, remember to separate your waste before you visit.

You will see that we separate items out by the following categories and each has its own place at the site.

You can recycle:

  • anything that would go in your blue bin – plastic, foil, paper, cardboard, cans and glass bottles/jars
  • mattresses
  • metals
  • clothes / textiles (clothes that are still wearable should be donated to charity if possible)
  • carpets
  • fluorescent tubes
  • wood and timber
  • car batteries along with all domestic batteries e.g. AAA, AA, D, 9V
  • cooking oils, motor oils
  • small electrical appliances e.g. mobile phones, printers, toasters, toothbrushes, irons and kettles
  • large domestic appliances e.g. cookers, fridges and washing machines , TVs and computer monitors
  • garden waste, Christmas trees excluding soil

We also accept waste that can’t be recycled and would normally go in your grey or green bin at home.

Please make sure it doesn’t contain any rubbish that can be recycled.

Clearing out a home

If you are clearing out items in the property of a deceased friend or family member you can request special access to use the Harrow Recycling Centre.

To request access to the Recycling Centre for these reasons you can complete our access form below.

Request access to the Recycling Centre