What happens on bin collection days?

What happens if you have extra waste?

Any rubbish which is not inside your bin will not be collected (e.g. black bags or broken down boxes left near/next to your bin) and this extra rubbish may mean that your bin is also not collected.

Any additional rubbish can be sorted and disposed of free of charge at our Recycling Centre in Wealdstone.

However, a full van of rubbish will cost £250 per tonne with a minimum charge of £94.50 for up to 340kg this will be calculated once the vehicle has been weighed.

Alternatively, for large amounts of excess waste, bulky items that are not collected via your usual collection service, you can arrange and pay for this to be collected separately by viewing our bulky waste collection page.

All residents have a duty of care and responsible for their waste for more information please ensure you read our duty of care policy.