What happens on bin collection days?

About the collection

All bins, except for food bins, are emptied once every two weeks from 6am on a designated day for your area.

Food bins are emptied weekly on the same day as your recycling and general waste bins. 

Bin type Bin information
Green grey bin icon Your grey or green domestic waste bin is emptied every two weeks.
Blue bin icon Your blue recycling bin is emptied every two weeks.
Brown bin icon If you have an active garden waste subscription your brown garden waste bin is collected every two weeks.
Black caddy icon Your black food caddy is emptied every week.
Red bin icon4 (Flat residents only) Your red domestic and food bin is emptied every two weeks.

What day is my bin emptied on?

To check what day your bins are due to be collected you can enter your address and view the schedule on our Bins, Waste and Recycling page.

Where should I place my bins for collection?

You should put your bins out by 6am on your bin collection day. Your bins should be placed at the edge of your property as close as possible where it meets the public footpath (view an illustration showing the edge of the property.)

If you do not have a front garden, you should place your bins on the footpath on the day of collection by 6am. Once your bins have been collected you should take your bins from the footpath within 24 hours.

Make sure your bins do not block the footpath, or cause obstruction to pedestrians and other road users (view an illustration of bins blocking the way.)

What should I put in my bins?

To make sure that all your bins are collected, the correct waste must be placed in the right bin. Check our what goes in what bin guide.

The lid must be fully closed on the bin, no side waste, extra bags left out by the side of the bin, as the bin will not be cleared.

You should make sure that the contents are free from obstruction to ensure the contents will be fully emptied.

If your bin is not collected you can report a missed bin within two working days of your collection day.

The team will return to clear the bin within three working days, not including the day of reporting.

I am new Harrow resident how do I get new bins?

If you are moving into a new build property, the property developer should purchase new bins for all properties, flats or houses.

If you are moving into an older/existing property, you will have to purchase new bins.

This is because when a resident moves home they can opt to take their bins with them or remove them.

If the moving resident does not choose to move their bins with them, the existing bins will need to be removed for health and safety reasons.