Garden waste collection

Garden waste frequently asked questions

1. My bin was not collected and I don’t know why?

There are many reasons why your bin may have not been emptied. The most common reasons are no label on the bin, it was not put out for collection, the service hasn’t started for you yet or the bin is contaminated. You can find out more information on the bin collection widget on the bins, waste and recycling homepage.

2. How do I report a missed bin?

You can find out more information on the bin collection widget on the bins, waste and recycling homepage.

3. What if I move home when the collection has started?

Please let us know if you intend to move house, if you move within the borough we will transfer your subscription to the new address

4. How do I change my direct debit details?

You can ask your bank to change the direct debit for you if you change bank accounts or move banks.

5. I haven’t received my label?

Please ensure that you have signed up for the service and let us know if you need a new sticker.

6. What if I signed up last year and no longer want the service?

If you no longer want the service before the service period ends, please let us know you would like to cancel your subscription.

7. When will my first and last collection be?

Your collections will usually start one month after you have paid for the service.  However, you will be notified of these details along with the date of your last collection. You can find out more information on the bin collection widget on the bins, waste and recycling homepage.

8. What can I put in my brown bin?

Please take a look at our 'what can I put in my bin guide'.

9. What if I want to cancel part way through the service?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and you will be refunded for any full months where the service will not be used . If you have waited more than 14 working days for a response on your cancellations please let us know here.

10. What if my label has faded?

Our labels have been tested and should last you the entire year however if the label does fade please contact us to request a replacement.

11. My brown bin is broken/cracked what can I do?

If you are no longer able to use your bin you can purchase a new bin If our crews damage the bin or it goes into the back of the refuse vehicle our crews will leave a calling card and order a new bin for you that will be delivered.

12. The bin men only emptied half of the contents in my bin?

This could happen where the content of the bin has been compressed and got stuck, when filling your bin please ensure the bin content is loose, also take care during winter months where the content may freeze and get stuck.

13. Can I leave additional garden waste in bags next to my brown bin?

No, unfortunately our crews will not collect any side waste.  All your garden waste should be in the bin with the lid fully closed.  Any additional waste can be taken free of charge to Harrow Recycling Centre if you are a Harrow resident and have proof of address.

You can also request to have additional bins collected if you frequently have additional garden waste.

14. I receive assisted collections do I need to apply separately for garden waste?

Yes you will need to sign up for the service however you will not need to contact us about assisting you with collecting the brown bin.

If you are already a user of the service for your any of  your other bins this will automatically be added to the brown bin. If you have not yet asked us to assist you please see what the requirements are.