Garden waste collection

Garden waste frequently asked questions

What are the relevant dates/times/conditions?

Once you sign up you will be notified by email of your first collection date. You will then receive a letter with your garden waste sticker.

You should receive this at least a week before the start of your service. Your bin will be collected every two weeks, usually on your usual bin day.

Annual Service cost - £75.00. The Annual Service runs from April 2020 to end March 2021.

The Summer service is no longer available. If you currently have a Summer Service subscription, the service runs from April to end October 2020.

Am I eligible to get concessionary rate for garden waste?

You will be eligible for the concessionary rate for garden waste if you are in receipt of council tax support.

Single person’s discount does not qualify you for a concessionary rate on your Garden Waste Service.

I missed the sign up previously so can I sign up now?

If you have missed the initial sign up period, the new sign up period is available now, Please visit the garden waste page to sign up for the service.

Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks between sign up and service commencement, as our systems and lorry routes need to be updated, and letters/stickers sent out to you.

Please also note that there is no reduction for late sign-ups. You will be asked to pay the full Annual rate.

Why should I pay full price if I missed the 7th March deadline?

The policy was reviewed last year, and we now have a fixed price for the service. This info was communicated to all our customers since the start of Jan 2020, to encourage early sign up.

Information was widely available on our website, the My Harrow Magazine and other media streams.

What colour is the garden waste bin and what can I put in it?

In Harrow, the garden waste bins are brown. Once you are signed up for the service, to ensure your bin is collected, please ensure that you place the correct waste in the bin and remember no plastic, soil or rubble.

Please take a look at our guide for further guidance.

When did the garden waste service resume for 2020?

Following a pause to the Garden Waste service due to COVID-19 Lockdown measures, the service for 2020 resumed on 11th May 2020.

Your garden waste collection will usually be on your regular bin collection dates.

Will I be receiving a refund for the months that I have missed?

Customers that subscribed to the Garden Waste service before 7th April 2020 will be eligible for a Garden Waste refund.

How will the Refund Process work?

Eligible customers will receive an email or a postal letter informing them that they are eligible. Please check your junk mail for any Harrow emails that you may have received. The emails and letters will contain your Service Request number, which you will need in order to claim a refund.

Harrow Council does not have any payment details for you. We use a 3rd party secure payment provider. These providers do not allow us to implement mass refunds, so we need to collect bank details to pay you direct to your bank account.

Your email or letter will direct you to a secure web form and ask you to include the following information:

  • Resident name – Name on GW account
  • Bank Sort Code – 6 digit number. Top left hand corner of every cheque
  • Bank Account Number – 8 digit number. On every cheque and statement for your account
  • Service Request number: (Will begin ‘SR’, then 8 digits. It may have ‘WC’ at the end)

This data will be held on our secure refund database until the refunds have been processed in early September. At this point, payment will be made and we will then delete your payment data.

What if I have not received my Garden Waste sign-up confirmation email?

You will receive a confirmation email once you have signed up for the Garden Waste Service.

This email is not sent immediately as the system needs to validate your plan before it sends you an email with your new garden waste reference number.

Please allow five working days to receive the email.

I haven’t received my sticker. What do I do?

You must be subscribed to the Garden Waste Service to receive your sticker. You should receive your bin sticker at least a week before your service is due to start.

If you have not received your sticker or you have misplaced it and need a new sticker, you can request a new one by completing the garden waste sticker request form.

I am signed up for the Summer. Can I extend to Annual Service?

We are not allowing extensions from Summer service Garden Waste to Annual Service this year.

What happens if I have an issue with my garden waste payment?

If you have been over-charged/double-charged for garden waste, please use our garden waste enquiry form. Our team will investigate, contact you and refund any money owed.

What if I want to cancel part way through the service?

You are only able to cancel your subscription within 14 days of signing up for the service, if you cancel after this date, you will not be eligible for a refund.

My bin was not collected and I don’t know why?

There are several reasons why your bin may not have been emptied – for example:

  • Incorrect or no label on the bin
  • It was not presented for collection
  • The bin is overweight
  • The bin has been contaminated with the wrong items in it.

To check if there was a reason that your bin was missed, please visit the bin collection page of our website.

If there is no reason listed, your bin may have been missed in error and you can report it online.

If no reason is given for non-collection of your bin, you can report it as missed on our bins page. It may then take up to three working days for your bin to be cleared.

What if I move home part-way through my garden waste period?

If you move within the borough, please let us know. We will transfer your subscription to your new address. You may need to take your brown bin with you if there isn’t one available at your new home.

If you move outside of the borough, you simply need to cancel your subscription. Please note you will not be eligible for any refunds.

If you paid via Direct Debit, you need to cancel the Direct Debit with your bank.

Why can’t I hire a garden waste bin anymore?

We no longer hire out bins as we are unable to collect them when the service expires. We have however reduced the cost of buying a bin to £30. This will be your bin to keep.

What if my sticker has faded?

Our stickers should last the year. If it does fade, please contact us to request a replacement.

My brown bin is broken/cracked what can I do?

If you can no longer use your bin you can purchase a new bin. If our crews damage the bin or it goes into the back of the refuse vehicle our crews will leave a card and order a new bin for you that will be delivered. If your bin lid is damaged, you can request a repair online.

The bin men only emptied half of the contents in my bin?

This can happen where contents of the bin have been compressed and got stuck. When filling your bin, please ensure the bin content is loose, In winter the content may freeze and get stuck.

I receive assisted bin collections - do I need to apply separately for garden waste?

If you are already a user of the assisted collections service for any of your other bins this will automatically be added to the brown bin.

If you have not yet asked us to assist you please see what the requirements are.

How can I sign up for the garden waste service if I cannot pay online?

Due to the unseen circumstances caused by COVID-19, we are not accepting payments via the one stop shop.

You can pay by Cheque, made payable to Harrow Council. Please send the cheque to: Harrow Council, Garden Waste Service, 4th Floor, West Wing, Station Road, Harrow, HA1 2XF. We cannot currently accept Cash payments.

Can I sign up for the Garden Waste Service if I live in a block of flats?

Many blocks of flats in the borough sign up for the Garden Waste Service as a method of maintaining the gardens.

We will only collect your bin from the communal bin collection area for the block of flats.

The subscription will need to be assigned to a specific flat number even if being shared by more than one flat.