Getting rid of hazardous waste safely

To dispose of your hazardous waste safely you can either:

  • take the rubbish to the recycling centre yourself or,
  • arrange for an authorised carrier to take it for you - they will arrange for you to complete and sign a transfer note (this is extremely important).

The transfer note is so that no-one can arrange to take waste and then dump it illegally. If this happened, then you would be held partly responsible under the law.  

Ensure that you check the waste carrier's credentials and signed a transfer note. 

Fly tipping waste

Not only is fly tipping an eyesore for the community it also bring with it vermin and other environmental issues  all at a cost to the residents of Harrow.

To add to this  fly tipping is a serious offence and carries a maximum penalty of £20,000 and up to six months imprisonment in the Magistrates Court, or unlimited fines and up to two years imprisonment at Crown Court.

The maximum sentence is even higher (five years) for dumping special waste which may be harmful to health.

For more information on the disposal of hazardous waste please visit the Environment agency as incorrect disposal could result in enforcement action being taken.

If you have seen anyone fly tipping or notice any hot spot areas in your areas you can report it online.