Social Sector Size Criteria

What can I do about it?

If your property is too large

If you are a council tenant in a property larger than your needs, we may be able to assist you to move to a smaller property either through a transfer or mutual exchange. If you wish to discuss this you should contact the housing options team.

Additional help with your housing costs

If you are a Housing Association tenant you may wish to contact your landlord to discuss options and other support and advice available. You may also wish to consider applying for a discretionary housing payment.

Changes in your household

Any change in your household could determine whether you are affected by the SSSC. The following are types of change that you will need to report:

  • a person who has joined or left the household (you should include relevant dates)
  • any details of other people living with you but not as part of your household (Joint tenants or boarders)
  • any family members living as a couple (for example son and daughter in law)
  • the birth of a child

Please ensure you let us know such changes,you can report this via your MyHarrow Account.




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