Social Sector Size Criteria

Who is affected?

If you are a joint tenant, you may also be affected by SSSC. To see how this may apply to you we will need to know how many people in total are living in the property.

Who is not affected?

You will not be affected by the SSSC if you fall into one of the circumstances below:

  • Pension aged customers are exempt, unless you have a partner who is under pension age
  • If you part rent and part own your property (Shared Ownership)
  • If you live on a houseboat and pay rent including mooring charges or you pay rent and site charges for caravans and mobile homes.
  • If you live in temporary accommodation and were accepted as homeless under the homelessness legislation of the Housing Act 1996.
  • If you live in accommodation that has been provided by a housing association, registered charity or voluntary organisation where that body or a person acting on its behalf also provides you with care, support or supervision.


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