Support for Care Homes

On 13th May 2020 the government announced an additional £600 million to support providers through a new Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund.

This fund was announced to support adult social care providers to reduce the rate of transmission in and between care homes and the wider workforce resilience.

As part of this initiative, the Government asked local authorities to submit a return to detail the overview of our current activity and forward plan in supporting care homes within the local authority area.

This request was via a letter from the Minister of State for Care Helen Whately MP.

Harrow Council’s return to this request from the Government is available on this page.

March 2021 Update:

Harrow Council has also distributed financial support via grants from the Department of Health and Social Care to care providers within Harrow.

These include the Infection Control Fund Round 1 and Round 2 to ensure financial support measures for infection and control between May 2020 to March 2021, as well as a Rapid Testing Fund to support care homes with associated lateral flow device testing costs.

This funding alone amounts to almost £3.9 million specifically for supporting the care sector.

In addition to this the Council has also provided the following additional financial support:

  • Temporary payment of 5% to residential & nursing care providers (May 2020)
  • Enhanced home care rate for COVID citizens
  • Payment on planned (commissioned care) for home care and day care (March to November 2020) – this effectively sustained provider income at pre COVID levels recognising many packages of care were cancelled
  • PPE funded prior to national portal and PPE emergency stocks for those providers ineligible for the portal

In addition to the financial support the Council has also provided logistical and training support such as the Weekly provider forums to channel communications and support.

The Council has also provided a Dedicated Infection Control and Prevention Nurse support, providing training and visits and also rapid covid testing support.

Harrow Council has also supported providers who have had to adjust the way they have interacted with our citizens due to COVID such as utilising remote technology and ensuring outreach programmes where in person services have become unavailable due to COVID.

This has meant that communication and wellbeing checks have continued through lockdown and shielding periods through support of our providers and via continuity of our social care services.