If you are finding it difficult at home with daily tasks, there is a range of equipment designed to make life easier and enable you to live independently in your own home.

Purchase your own equipment

You can buy simple equipment from high street retailers. AskSARA is an award-winning guided advice tool developed by national charity the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) to help people find solutions to their daily living problems.

AskSARA is free and is very simple to use. Just choose the topic you wish to complete, respond to the questions and then go to your report.

The report contains useful advice written by the DLF's team of occupational therapists as well as details of products that might help you.

This information is drawn from the DLF's impartial database of equipment that aims to include details of every product on the market.

After viewing your report, you can go back to answer more topics, print the report out or email the report to yourself or a friend.

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