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The Leader of the Council is also the Portfolio Holder for Strategy, Partnerships & Devolution. The responsibilities of the role of Leader include the following:


·                     When present to chair meetings of the Cabinet;


·                     Appoint and dismiss Portfolio Holders and the Deputy Leader;


·                     Appoint to and dismiss from committees of the Cabinet;


·                     To determine from time to time the roles and areas of responsibility of Portfolio Holders;


·                     In the absence of a Portfolio Holder, or on written notice to that Portfolio Holder, to exercise any of that Portfolio Holder’s functions him/herself or arrange the discharge of those functions by another Portfolio Holder or a Corporate Director;


·                     To act as Chairman of the Council’s Improvement and Commissioning Boards;


·                     Lead and coordinate the development and implementation of the Council’s statutory and other plans and strategies including:


(i)            the Council’s vision, corporate priorities, corporate plan and objectives,

(ii)           the needs of the Borough and local communities on matters of comprehensive, corporate and strategic importance,

(iii)          the Council’s overall performance.


·                     To oversee the allocation of resources to implement the Council’s plans and strategies and to meet the Council’s objectives;


·                     Take responsibility for the review of the pay and conditions of Chief Officers;


·                     Liaise on behalf of the Council with Government Departments, the Greater London Authority, London Councils, West London Alliance and other local and public bodies;


·                     Respond to Central Government, the Greater London Authority and Local Authority Associations’ consultation exercises and to requests for information and to any other consultation papers and requests for information;


·                     To act as Chairman of the Harrow Partnership Board and to oversee the governance of the Harrow Strategic Partnership through Harrow Chief Executives, Harrow Strategic Partnership Board, Assemblies and Summits;


·                     Make proposals for the appointment of Councillors or other persons on outside bodies as representatives of the Council;


·                     Make proposals to Council forthe setting of the levels of Councillor allowances and expenses;


·                     Champion Member Development and oversee development of the Member Development Programme through the Member Development Panel;


·                     Keep under review and make proposals for changes to the Constitution;


·                     To oversee the arrangements and overall budgets of the Members’ Secretariats;


·                     To oversee the arrangements for all civic and ceremonial matters;


·                     To take a lead on behalf of the Council in promoting and sustaining a high ethical standard of conduct by elected Members in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct for Councillors;


·                     To endeavour to ensure that the decisions and activities of the Council at all times have regard to the highest possible standards in furtherance of the ethical agenda and all Members of the Council adhere to the Code of Conduct;


·                     To maintain an overview of the finances of the Council working closely with the Portfolio Holder for Finance and Major Contracts.


(Note:  Full details of the Leader’s responsibilities can be found on page 24 of Part 3A of the Council's Constitution).


Portfolio Holder Decisions taken by the Leader can be found on the Leader’s Decisions webpage. 

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