Council services by letter

Executive post


Strategy, Partnerships & Devolution Portfolio Holder


The Portfolio Holder for Strategy, Partnerships and Devolution’s responsibilities are as follows:




·                     To have strategic oversight of the Council's affairs;


·                     Ensure that the Council’s priorities are underpinned by fairness for all in these tough economic times;


·                     To lead on the development of strategies to help families with the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ and stand up for Harrow, its businesses and residents;


·                     To lead, monitor, have oversight and, where necessary take decisions about policy/strategy and provision regarding the strategic relationship with other Boroughs and the development of additional services;


·                     Development of an effective strategy/policy framework for the council, local voluntary sector and partners;


·                     To ensure that the council does not lose focus on tackling the disparities that exist in Harrow, in particular, in terms of economic achievement, child poverty, health and wellbeing;


·                     To encourage and ensure cross directorate working across the Council;


·                     Providing political leadership to the development and implementation of the Council’s Corporate Plan and Budget;


·                     To lead on the transformation of Council services to be more business-like, commercial and maximising value for taxpayers money;


·                     To ensure that the Council is meeting its commitments and strategies as set out in the Corporate Plan;


·                     To lead on Council-wide strategy to deal with life expectancy and inequality.


Partnership and community leadership:


·                     To ensure that the council continues to work together with the community to improve the quality of life for all our residents, our families and our young people;


·                     Acting as an advocate for the local community and a spokesperson for residents;


·                     Promoting Council priorities;


·                     Building cross-borough links that progress the Council’s objectives;


·                     Representing the Council externally and furthering the Council's interests within London, National and international bodies/forums to promote Harrow’s interests, in particular with the West London alliance, London Councils and the Local Government Association;




·                     To sit on the West London Economic Prosperity Board to promote jobs and growth across Harrow;


·                     To work on a regional basis to ensure Harrow receives a fairer deal on its grant from Government;


·                     To work on a regional basis to ensure that Harrow’s residents benefit from the devolution of services and business rates;


·                     Actively participate in and seek further devolution opportunities;


·                     Provide local leadership on all Government devolution announcements.




·                     To oversee the delivery of Council publications including Harrow People and A-Z of Council Services;


·                     Champion a set of marketing campaigns in support of the Council and its services;


·                     To oversee internal communications and staff awards;


·                     Give direction to the Council’s media relations to promote the Council’s reputation;


·                     Promote the Council’s branding to deliver consistency across services and to improve residents’ awareness of our services.


(Note:  Portfolio Holder Decisions taken by the Strategy, Partnerships and Devolution can be found on the Portfolio Holder for Strategy, Partnerships and Devolution’s Decisions webpage.