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Executive post


Business, Planning & Regeneration Portfolio Holder


The Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning and Regeneration is responsible for the policy direction of the Council’s ‘Building a Better Harrow’ programme, including:


·                     Strategic planning policy and implementation including:


o        Planning policy and research

o        Economic Development

o        Working with the Portfolio Holder for Housing on increasing opportunities for local employment

o        Housing policy (in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Housing)

o        Development Management

o        Building Control

o        Conservation and Design, in particular for the listing of local buildings

o        Open Spaces, Parks & Green Belt policy

o        Town Centre & Major Projects activity

o        The re-location of the Civic Centre

o        The development of the ‘Heart of Harrow’ area;


·                     To oversee and direct the effective development and implementation of the following key Place Shaping strategies:


o        The ‘Building a Better Harrow’ regeneration programme. 

o        Local Development Framework, including the core strategy, the opportunity and intensification area and the area action plan

o        Economic Development Strategy

o        Town Centre Strategy

o        West London Sub-regional planning, economic development and waste planning;


·                     To preside over the development and maintenance of positive links and partnerships with other organisations and businesses to secure the improvement and development of essential social infrastructure;


·                     To ensure that all aspects of the Environment and Enterprise Directorate’s work involves appropriate and effective community engagement;


·                     To ensure a positive development of our district shopping centres;


·                     Act as the Member level ‘Design and Heritage Champion’ for the Authority;


·                     To act as the lead Member for the Council’s engagement with business;


·                     To oversee the development and delivery of the Council’s vision in terms of strategic planning for the future social, environmental and economic development and regeneration of Harrow;


·                     Chair the Council’s Planning Committee or equivalent body, and the Council’s Major Developments Panel;


·                     To provide policy direction in respect of the Council’s strategic Major Projects Programme in consultation with the relevant Portfolio Holders including:


o        The development of the central Harrow opportunity and intensification area and of district shopping centres;


·                     To work with the Portfolio Holder for Finance & Commercialisation on relevant commercial opportunities within the Portfolio;


·                     To ensure that the Council is meeting its commitments and strategies within the Portfolio, as set out in the Corporate Plan;


·                     Lead on developing upcoming policy and existing policy within the Portfolio;


·                     To provide policy direction to ensure the effective development of the Council's property assets;


·                     To ensure that development of the Council's assets is undertaken in a coordinated and collaborative way with partners;


·                     To authorise the acquisition or disposal of land holdings up to a value of £250k, other than disposal at less than best consideration, and to respond to any enquiry in relation to the Council's interests in land;


·                     To ensure the Council is maximising its property assets for the creation of new homes and business space across the Borough.


(Note:  Full details of the Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning & Regeneration’s responsibilities can be found on page 31 of Part 3A of the Council's Constitution).


Portfolio Holder Decisions taken by the Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning & Regeneration can be found on the Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning & Regeneration’s Decisions webpage.