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Business, Planning & Regeneration Portfolio Holder


The Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning and Regeneration is also the Deputy Leader of the Council.


The Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning and Regeneration is responsible for the policy direction of the Council’s ‘Building a Better Harrow’ programme, including:


·                     Strategic planning policy and implementation including:


o        Planning policy and research

o        Economic Development

o        Working with the Portfolio Holder for Housing on increasing opportunities for local employment

o        Housing policy (in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Housing)

o        Development Management

o        Building Control

o        Conservation and Design, in particular for the listing of local buildings

o        Open Spaces, Parks & Green Belt policy

o        Town Centre & Major Projects activity

o        The re-location of the Civic Centre

o        The development of the ‘Heart of Harrow’ area;


·                     To oversee and direct the effective development and implementation of the following key Place Shaping strategies:


o        The ‘Building a Better Harrow’ regeneration programme. 

o        Local Development Framework, including the core strategy, the opportunity and intensification area and the area action plan

o        Economic Development Strategy

o        Town Centre Strategy

o        West London Sub-regional planning, economic development and waste planning;


·                     To preside over the development and maintenance of positive links and partnerships with other organisations and businesses to secure the improvement and development of essential social infrastructure;


·                     To ensure that all aspects of the Environment and Enterprise Directorate’s work involves appropriate and effective community engagement;


·                     To ensure a positive development of our district shopping centres;


·                     Act as the Member level ‘Design and Heritage Champion’ for the Authority;


·                     To act as the lead Member for the Council’s engagement with business;


·                     To oversee the development and delivery of the Council’s vision in terms of strategic planning for the future social, environmental and economic development and regeneration of Harrow;


·                     Chair the Council’s Planning Committee or equivalent body, and the Council’s Major Developments Panel;


·                     To provide policy direction in respect of the Council’s strategic Major Projects Programme in consultation with the relevant Portfolio Holders including:


o        The development of the central Harrow opportunity and intensification area and of district shopping centres;


·                     To work with the Portfolio Holder for Finance & Commercialisation on relevant commercial opportunities within the Portfolio;


·                     To ensure that the Council is meeting its commitments and strategies within the Portfolio, as set out in the Corporate Plan;


·                     Lead on developing upcoming policy and existing policy within the Portfolio;


·                     To provide policy direction to ensure the effective development of the Council's property assets;


·                     To ensure that development of the Council's assets is undertaken in a coordinated and collaborative way with partners;


·                     To authorise the acquisition or disposal of land holdings up to a value of £250k, other than disposal at less than best consideration, and to respond to any enquiry in relation to the Council's interests in land;


·                     To ensure the Council is maximising its property assets for the creation of new homes and business space across the Borough.


(Note:  Full details of the Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning & Regeneration’s responsibilities can be found on page 31 of Part 3A of the Council's Constitution).


Portfolio Holder Decisions taken by the Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning & Regeneration can be found on the Portfolio Holder for Business, Planning & Regeneration’s Decisions webpage. 


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