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INFORMATION REPORT - 2017 /18 Traffic and Parking Schemes Programme update

Report of Divisional Director, Commissioning & Commercial Services.


The Panel received a report of the Divisional Director, Commissioning & Commercial Services which provided an update on progress with the 2017/18 traffic & parking management programme of works.  This included schemes funded by TfL and those schemes included in Harrow’s Capital Programme.  Officers also gave a brief presentation on the Mayor of London’s draft Transport Strategy for 2017.


Councillor Hall left the room during consideration of this item.


Following questions and comments from the Panel regarding the Draft Transport Strategy, officers advised that:


·                       the Consultation relating to Mayor of London’s Draft Transport Strategy would be available on the Transport for London web site until 2 October 2017.  The new Strategy would require Harrow to submit a Local Implementation Plan (LIP) which the Panel would be consulted on in due course;


·                       the Strategy was based on the ‘Healthy Streets Approach’, the main priorities of which were improving public transport, creating new homes and jobs, introducing and expanding the Ultra Low Emission Zone, eliminating deaths and serious injuries on London's streets and developing a London-wide network of cycle routes;


·                       interventionist policies, such as the introduction of the Congestion Charge in central London, aimed at reducing car use and the number of car journeys, had been successful to an extent.  However, those measures aimed at encouraging a modal shift among Londoners were more likely to succeed.  It was anticipated that the population of London would increase substantially by 2041 and this increase would have considerable repercussions for traffic, road safety, public transport, overcrowding and air quality.  The Mayor of London had set an ambitious goal where 80% of all journeys would be undertaken by sustainable transport by 2041, whereas, the current target figure was 64%.  It was important to promote and provide genuine, affordable alternatives to car use, with measures tailored to suit local conditions in each borough;


·                       the Mayor’s Vision Zero target related to the elimination of road traffic deaths and serious injuries by reducing the dominance of motor vehicles on London’s streets.  Introducing more 20 mph zones and other traffic measures in Harrow would help to achieve this.


The Adviser from Harrow Cyclists stated that the results of TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis should form the basis of all local cycling policy.


The Adviser from HPTUA stated that bus services to hospitals needed increased funding and improvement.


Following questions from the Panel regarding the report, officers advised that:


·                     the informal consultation leaflets for Dukes Avenue have been delivered and the responses were being collated.  If the proposals go ahead then statutory consultation would be likely in the autumn of 2017.  The parking review in Calthorpe Gardens would be undertaken later in the year;


·                     the proposed parking schemes in Kenmore Avenue and Christchurch Gardens were at the initial stage.  Herga Road was on the list of roads to be taken forward to the statutory consultation stage to be included in zone J;


·                     a scheme was being progressed in the Victor Road area as part of a section 106 agreement funded by the Kodak development.  Some residents had indicated in the past that they wanted the road to be closed off.  There had been a number of right hand turn accidents recorded at the junction of Harrow View / Victor Road and banning the right hand turn there would improve road safety and reduce the number of accidents and incidents.  In addition a point no entry would reduce some ‘rat-running’ along the road.  Consultation with local residents was on-going until 31 July;


·                     the council took an holistic approach with regard to cycling provision in the borough and all new schemes would adhere to TfL’s London Cycling Design Standards.


It was noted that there was a typographical error in column 4 on page 41 of the agenda and the word ‘unable’ should read ‘enable’.


RESOLVED:  That the report be noted.

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