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Why don't we grit all the streets, footpaths and main roads and side roads?

It is not possible to grit all the roads in Harrow given the small window of opportunity we have for the task, and the resources we

have available. In times of frost, ice and snow, Harrow's priority is to keep roads clear and safe, based on whether they are on:

- standard gritting routes

- severe gritting routes

To find out more, please download a map of standard and severe gritting routes in Harrow.

What are standard gritting routes?

Standard gritting routes are the roads that are gritted where the Council determines that:

- the road surface temperature is likely to be below 0 C, and

- there is a likelihood of frost or ice forming on the surface

What are severe gritting routes?

These are the routes that are gritted where the Council predicts severe (snow) conditions. These routes:

- cover all of the standard routes

- address specific additional roads that are known to be particularly problematic in snow conditions