Women in Business Networking #womeninbusiness 'Imposter Syndrome'

Women in Business Networking #womeninbusiness 'Imposter Syndrome'

RDP Newmans Lynwood House, 373-375 Station Road, Harrow, Middlesex, HA1 2AW

This is an open free network meeting for Women in Business. Come along and meet business minded people from the local community and make some new connections.

Our guest speaker for September will be Hannah Attewell who will be delivering the topic 'Imposter Syndrome'

In our interactive workshop we’ll…

Learn the real difference between experts and you

Identify Imposter Syndrome & figure out why we feel like frauds

Explore how Imposter Syndrome is holding us back

Explore your strengths and weaknesses - use those nagging doubts as a way to tackle those blindspots

Wage war with Imposter Syndrome

Combat perfectionism - perfectionism absolutely kills off our productivity

Arm you with coping strategies and a solid plan to take action, even when you feel like a fraud

You’ll come away…

Energised and ready to take on the world

Certain of your unique strengths

Ready to charge more or do more

Feeling like an expert and ready to tell everyone about it

A more confident networker and salesperson

See what's on

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