A quick job for you - responding to the electoral canvass has never been easier!

Harrow Council’s election team has this week written to every home in the borough as part of its annual household canvass.

The council is required by law to check the details it holds on the electoral register are accurate and up-to-date. Responding promptly will mean eligible voters can take part in the next election, whenever it comes around. And it’s never been easier to respond, meaning that for many households this small but very important admin job will take mere seconds.

Harrow residents can confirm that the details for their household are correct in the following ways:
• Text NOCHANGE followed by the security code printed on the form to 80212
• Call Freephone 0800 197 9871 to use the automated phone service
• Visit www.householdresponse.com/harrow
• Post the form back in the prepaid envelope.

And it’s equally easy to amend any details that need updating, by visiting the website above or writing on the form and posting it back. The full name and nationality of anyone aged 16 or over should be included.

Households that don’t respond to the canvas will receive a follow up door knock in the coming weeks.