Goodwill to all road users: Junction changes are right to put safety first and curb congestion


The Council wants to put the brakes on the chances of a serious road accident by proposing changes to the way drivers navigate a busy traffic junction at Headstone Gardens/Harrow View/Headstone Drive.

Three right turns at the Goodwill To All Junction – which has four sets of traffic lights and is named after the pub that once stood on one corner – would be restricted under its suggested plans. A green man crossing system for pedestrians would also be introduced for the hundreds of pedestrians who use the junction every day to get to nearby shops and businesses, bus stops and homes.

The safety proposals come after the Council received concerns from residents and MPs and will be paid for through Section 106 contributions from the owner of the Kodak development on the Harrow View West and Harrow View East regeneration sites.

Currently, there is no pedestrian signal to aid people crossing the four roads – they can only cross when there is a gap in the traffic - and turning right is banned in one direction only.

As the surrounding residential area grows - thanks to the Kodak development - and even more people need to use the junction, the Council is keen to make sure that all road users stay safe.

Proposals include providing green man ‘push buttons’, red tactile paving on pavements and re-aligning the kerb lines to make sure lanes are wide enough. The bus layby will be relocated to Headstone Gardens.

Alternative routes are easily accessible and, although other roads will get busier, traffic should be more evenly distributed – and ultimately be safer. Public transport is also easy for everybody to access.

The changes would be made by the Council and Transport for London from August. The Council welcomes comments from residents and road users.

Read the full consultation documents and have your say here