It’s the business: Why Harrow is small-minded when it comes to big business

business award

From newsagents and restaurants to florists and dry cleaners, everyone knows the best place to start and run a small business is in Harrow.

So while it’s nice to be recognised on the shortlist of a prestigious London award, the tens of thousands businessmen and women here will continue to thrive whether or not the borough walks away with the accolade.

Part of their success is due to the fantastic resources on offer in Harrow - from expert advice, pop-up information and networking events, promotions and discounts, not forgetting the Council’s flagship Dragons Den-style competition.

It’s a pleasure doing business here, people say – and no surprise to be shortlisted for the Small Business-Friendly Borough Award’s ‘Best all-rounder’ accolade – a crown it has worn before.

Cllr Keith Ferry, Deputy Leader of the Council and lead member for economic development, said: “They might be small in terms of size but Harrow businesses are a massive deal. They play a huge role in creating a strong economy and more jobs in Harrow.

“We offer innovative networking events, apprenticeships and upskilling workshops, as well as awards for our best new talent in the Business Den. There are parking discounts for the public to access shops more easily and planning opportunities for workspaces too.

“We don’t need to win prizes to know we are the best borough for small businesses – and we appreciate that sometimes awards have to go to other boroughs to make everything seem fair! But we know Harrow is the business – it’s the best at what it does!”

There are more than 14,500 companies in Harrow, of which 98 per cent are small businesses.

The Small Business-Friendly Borough Awards are run by the London Region of The Federation of Small Businesses and London Councils to celebrate local authority initiatives which support small and micro businesses. Winners will be announced on Monday 20 May.

Harrow has previously won the awards for ‘Best small business-friendly procurement’ and for ‘Best all-round small business-friendly borough’.