Party’s Over! Council and police shut down “nightmare” Edgware semi famed for fights, noise, drink and drugs

Community safety, drugs den

Inspector Tanya Sprunks, Harrow Neighbourhoods

Exhausted and exasperated neighbours in Orchard Grove, Edgware, will finally be getting a good night’s sleep tonight, thanks to the Metropolitan Police and Harrow Council, who’ve swooped to shut down one of the area’s most notorious properties.

It’s finally “lights out” for Clive Best, 48, who shrugged off police visits, warnings, and even a search warrant, to keep on hosting drink and drug fuelled parties at his suburban address. Local children were terrified by the comings and goings – as fights, screaming, loud music and anti-social behaviour rocked their street night after night.


Inspector Tanya Sprunks, Inspector Harrow Neighbourhoods, said:


“After a number of anti-social behaviour incidents, noisy, disruptive parties and regular drug use, the local policing team with the support of the Council’s Community Safety team have issued a successful closure order. We are continuing to work closely with the Council to prevent anything further. Clearly, neighbours have been affected, unfortunately, some have been too afraid to stay in the area. Thankfully, Best’s behaviour will now be strictly monitored.”

The police and council proved to Willesden Crown Court that Best had engaged in disorderly, offensive or criminal behaviour; that his use of his home was disturbing members of the public; and that the disorder would continue unless action was taken. Best now faces a closure order – which means only he and members of his immediate family can go in the house from now on.


One of Best’s neighbours said: “I’m pleased the parties have now finally stopped. My family couldn’t sleep and the children were scared from all the noise.”


Councillor Krishna Suresh, Lead Member for Crime and Community Safety said:


“Best’s behaviour was a disgrace to the other residents and by ignoring all the warnings, it was obvious he didn’t want to change. Our message is clear – if you deliberately disrupt the community, we will clamp down on you. We will continue to work with our partners to make Harrow a better and safer place to live.”


In more detail:


On Tuesday 19th February 2019 Police, with the support of Harrow Community Safety Team served a Closure Notice under section 80 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 on Clive Best of 61 Orchard Avenue.


Police and Harrow Council issued warnings, interventions and the execution of a search warrant under S 23 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. All of these failed to result in activities stopping.


On Wednesday 20th February 2019 Willesden Magistrates Court endorsed the notice by issuing a Closure Order on the premises. This Order was granted in respect of Anti-Social Behaviour and Gang Related activity linked with the address.


The Order allows the occupier Mr Clive Best and the owner Mrs Patricia Best and her sisters to be on premises but anyone else found on the premises will be in contravention of a court order and can be arrested for that breach.


The notice was granted for three months to expire at midnight on 25th May 2019.