Reduce fire risks in your home – check your electrical goods

We're supporting Electrical Safety First's campaign to keep homes safe from fire caused by electricity. Our officers will visit vulnerable and elderly residents to carry out basic safety checks.

A fire can be devastating – no matter how big or small it is. It’s why we’re supporting Electrical Safety First’s campaign to help keep homes safe from electrical fires.  

Almost all house fires are caused by electricity – that’s 20,000 each year. We want to help prevent deaths, injuries and damage caused by electricity. So in the next few weeks our trading standards officers will visit some of our vulnerable and elderly residents – including some who have fallen victim to scams.

Our officers will carry out basic electrical safety tests of white goods and small electrical items free of charge to ensure they are safe to use.

Trading Standards advice applies to everyone to keep their homes as safe as possible:

  • Ensure that plugs and sockets are not damaged in any way
  • Check that electrical appliance cables are in good condition
  • Don’t overload sockets
  • Never trail cables under carpets or rugs to hind them away
  • Always switch off your electrical items when they are not in use
  • Avoid buying cheap replacement cables and chargers
  • Avoid using products that have a two pin plug and even if using an adaptor

Simon Legg, Senior Trading Standards service manager said:

“This isn’t just about protecting your home, but it’s also about protecting you from electric shocks and burns. We want to make sure you, your family, tenants and your property are safe – and a simple checks on electrical items will reduce the chance of a house fire and injuries.”

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If you are worried about electrical goods you have bought or just want peace of mind, email to arrange a visit. Visits take place between Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 February.