Working together to keep our children safe

Parents are being asked to be extra vigilant after a child was approached by two strangers in a car in the Pinner area on Tuesday.

Thankfully, the child refused to get into the car and reported the incident. Local schools have written to parents to make them aware and to encourage them to have the conversation about engaging with strangers.


Something like this is obviously every parent’s worse nightmare and though it’s very rare, it reminds us just how important it is to make sure our kids are equipped, and know what to do if they’re ever approached.


Inspector Tanya Sprunks, of Harrow Safer Neighbourhoods said:


"This is obviously a distressing incident. We’re talking to local people and asking them to be on the look out for anything suspicious.


“Families shouldn’t change their normal routines, but it’s really important that parents talk to their kids about this important issue and especially how to stay safe when travelling to and from school. Anyone who encounters any suspicious behaviour, should report it to the police."