What’s that red bin? Food waste recycling is coming to flats!

If you live in a flat – you’re probably wondering why a big red bin has just appeared in your bin store.

Starting today (Monday 7 January) we are rolling out food waste recycling to all flats in Harrow so you can recycle more! It’s great for the environment, reduces general waste, and saves money in disposal costs.

You’ll be getting your very own small black food waste bin for your kitchen. Line it with newspaper or a biodegradable bag, and then fill it up with unwanted or unfinished food – cooked or uncooked. We’re even giving away a free roll of 50 bags to get you started.

Any time you to empty your black bin – just take it on down to the big red bin downstairs.

For more information, check out www.harrow.gov.uk/bin.