Wealdstone gets a cracking Christmas Clean-up

Police in Wealdstone

Sergeant Paul McCauley and his team in Wealdstone

Police are set to clean up Wealdstone during a Week of Action starting today, Monday 17 December until 21 December, tackling criminal and anti-social behaviour in the area, leading up to Christmas.

The one week ‘Christmas Clean-up’ will see officers from nearby wards helping out along with the Met’s Safer Transport team and multi-agencies in the borough. Local residents will have the opportunity to speak to officers about a range of anti-social related issues and find out what community service programmes are in place to improve the area.


Police used a local survey in the Wealdstone area and used the results of that to prepare for the Week of Action. They will be running a number of Operations throughout the week, together with the multi-agency approach.


Tanya Sprunks, Harrow Neighbourhood Inspector said: “This Christmas clean up before the start of the New Year will have a huge impact on Wealdstone. We’ve listened to residents’ concerns throughout the year and we want to make sure that everyone feels safe and secure throughout the holiday season.”


“We are inviting local people and businesses to get involved to help improve the area too. We will be running a Residents’ Weapon Sweep on the 19 December from 11 am to 1 pm. Anyone can turn up at the local safer neighbourhood team’s base in Headstone Drive, during this time, if they want to take part.”


Officers will be involved in licensing visits with Council Enforcement officers to tackle drink related anti-social behaviour offences. Volunteer Special Constables will be at hand to help with high-visibility patrolling and there will be visits from the fire service to offer safety and prevention advice to residents too. Weapon sweeps will be in force throughout the week, including knife arches and police will also be targeting known hotspots.


The Westminster Drugs Project will be providing support for anyone who is referred or needs advice. On the 21 December, police will be escorting 400 children to Trinity Church from St. Joseph’s School for morning mass.


Graham Henson, Leader of the Council said: “Our aim is to ensure that everyone feels safer in the area over the festive season and beyond. Residents have been feeding back to us and we have been listening to them, at our Wealdstone meetings. We are committed to making those changes that people have asked for and are working with our Partners to make improvements to the area. Everyone is entitled to a peaceful and better community.”


Business owners are also invited to contribute during the week and give their views on how the Police and Council can change the area.