Pupil training scheme could be a life saver

life savers

They might be having fun thumping a mannequin on the back but these Year 6 Pinner Park pupils are learning serious skills that might one day help them save a real life.

Part of a group of 120 10- and 11-year-olds, they can now assist a child who is choking, resuscitate both children and adults and put someone into the recovery position.

Volunteers from Little Life Savers, a national charity that teaches children what to do when faced with a medical emergency, visited the school as part of a life skills awareness project sponsored by the Council. It aims to visit as many schools in the borough as possible.

Cllr Christine Robson, Portfolio Holder for Young People and Schools, said: “These basic and important life skills are not taught as part of the curriculum in schools – but they are valuable to people of all ages.

“It is wonderful to see the children working with the mannequins so confidently. Hopefully they will never have to use what they have learned for real – but Harrow Council is proud to be helping to create potential little life savers.”

Dr Shruti Prashar, GP and lead for the Northwest London group of Little Life Savers charity, said: “This is an interactive and engaging chance to empower children.

“Imagine if a young person witnessed someone in a medical emergency but hadn’t a clue how to step in to help. Instead of looking on terrified, they might be able to apply what they have learned – and save a life.”