Harrow business that sold a knife to underage children must pay £1k

A snap knife was sold to children aged 14 with no questions or ID asked for.

A Harrow businessman must pay almost £1000 after children were able to buy knives without being asked for their age or ID. A test purchasing exercise by Brent and Harrow Trading Standards saw a two piece snap off knife sold to two volunteer children.

The court was told how a man who was not employed by the business sold the knife without the knowledge of the owner. The ‘Salesperson' Mr Seyed confirmed he usually worked in a restaurant, but served the children while he was in the shop to borrow some money from the business owner who he knew.

Halaldeen Abdul-Jabbar, owner of Harrow Pound Village in Wealdstone pleaded guilty at Willesden Magistrates Court on April 10 and was ordered to pay £100 victim surcharge and £943.48 costs.

Simon Legg, Brent and Harrow Trading Standards Manager said:

“Thankfully the knife didn’t end up in the wrong hands. The law is clear – it’s an offence to sell a knife to anyone under the age of 18. Every business has a responsibility to carry out checks on anyone purchasing knives – sadly in this case the owner didn’t do this and now has a big fine to pay. We’ll continue to crack down on dodgy businesses operating like this and will not hesitate to take action against those who ignore the law.

"Businesses wanting help and support complying with underage sales law or if any members of public have concerns of shops selling to children, please contact us on 03454 04 05 06 or email trading.standards@brent.gov.uk."