Time running out for unregistered voters

At the ballot box

Harrow residents who aren’t yet registered to vote have just days left if they want to have their say in the local council election on 3 May.

Harrow Council is urging everyone who’s been ‘meaning to get around to it’, to spend five minutes registering online at gov.uk/register-to-vote before the 17 April deadline.

A final reminder to residents will go out this week in the form of an election guide booklet, delivered to every home in the borough.

Harrow's Returning Officer, Hugh Peart, said, “Unfortunately, it happens every election - people come to the polling station expecting to vote, but they’re not on the register – we have no choice but to turn them away.

“We hope that our campaign this year will mean that happens much less on 3 May.”

The election booklet, as well as setting out key dates, provides a complete guide to voting and includes a full list of candidates standing for election – look out for your copy dropping through the door any day now. 

All 63 seats on the Council will be contested on 3 May. The borough is split into 21 wards, with each ward represented by three councillors. Councillors make decisions on issues including education, housing, transport, social care and waste that affect the lives of local people.

3 May will see elections in each of London’s 32 boroughs, as well as many other council areas across the country.