Register by 17 April to have your say in May

At the ballot box

With just weeks to go before local elections, the council is urging Harrow residents – including many of those born overseas – to register to vote.

It’s thought thousands of people will miss out on 3 May, because they don’t realise the rules are different for council elections.

Harrow residents can vote in this election if they come from the UK, any EU country, or any Commonwealth country and have leave to remain in the UK.

That’s not true for other elections – like last year’s general election or the 2016 EU referendum – which have stricter rules about who can vote.

“The right to vote is a precious one.”, said Harrow's Returning Officer, Hugh Peart. “If you can vote, then I urge you to get involved and have your say in May.

“Joining the electoral register takes five minutes online - don’t be one of those people who misses out!”

To vote on 3 May, you must be registered. The deadline for registering is 17 April. You can do it online at www,

All 63 seats on the Council will be contested on 3 May. The borough is split into 21 wards, with each ward represented by three councillors. Councillors make decisions on issues including housing, transport, social care and waste that affect the lives of local people.

3 May will see elections in each of London’s 32 boroughs, as well as many other council areas across the country.