Thrive talking: Harrow gets conversation going to improve borough's mental health

Thrive LDN Harrow

We can all play a part in making Harrow happier. That was the message from speakers at Harrow’s first community mental health workshop.

The event was run in partnership with Thrive LDN, a citywide movement for mental health, supported by the Mayor of London. Community members including health professionals and faith leaders heard about the six aspirations of Thrive and how to achieve them in Harrow.

Harrow Council interim chief executive Tom Whiting said: “Better mental health starts with a conversation. As a council we committed to making Harrow a place where people can talk openly about mental health when we signed the Time To Change pledge, and we’re seeing the positive effects of that in our own staff. Now we want the same for everyone who lives and works in Harrow.

"We heard some great ideas for improving Harrow’s mental health, including something as simple as just smiling at each other more.”

Harrow is already leading the way in mental health. As the first council to launch its own localised Thrive programme, it has committed to adopt all six recommendations following the government’s Thriving at Work review, rolling out mental health training to managers, promoting mental health awareness to businesses and making mental health its key focus for the year.

Cabinet member for finance Cllr Adam Swersky, who spoke at Wednesday’s event, said: “Mental health is everyone’s business. The Thrive programme shows us that we all need to take responsibility for making our borough a place that supports good mental health - and allows us to be open when we aren’t feeling so great. I’m proud of how far we’ve come on mental health, but the journey’s only just begun.”

Thrive LDN will be publishing a report based on feedback from Harrow’s and other borough’s workshops, with recommendations on how to achieve their six aspirations.

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Thrive Harrow

Alice Morrisey from Thrive LDN, Cllr Adam Swersky, Cllr Simon Brown, policy intern Laura Marshall, Helen Bohan from Thrive LDN, Harrow Council head of policy Rachel Gapp and interim chief executive Tom Whiting at the Thrive event