Continuing to crack down on filthy behaviour – 400 FPNs issued this month

It’s been business as usual for your enforcement teams as they continue to make crime pay. This month around 400 FPNs were issued to litterbugs caught making Harrow dirty.

From spitting and littering to throwing food on your streets, we’ve been taking zero tolerance on any form of littering with on the spot fines.

And that’s not all, our borough-wide Public Spaces Protection Order is ensuring trouble is kept off your streets. Anyone caught making your borough dirty will face an on the spot fine of £100. With the backing of the police and Harrow residents, there is also be a ban on driving over footpaths, footways and verges; failing to pick up dog mess and smoking in children’s play areas. Joint work with the police will help tackle drunkenness - no, there’s no ban on drinking but people must stop when asked to do so by officers.