Harrow launches new tax break for most vulnerable young adults

Young adults leaving care get 6 month Council Tax break

“Small investment to make big difference” to their chances
Leg-up gives time to adjust to life outside care structure
Research shows new measure increases successful self-reliance
Harrow Council is cancelling Council Tax bills for young adults who are leaving social care and starting to make their way in the world on their own.

Every care leaver between 18 and 25 will be Council Tax exempt for six months, as part of a package designed to ease their transition from a care environment into independent adulthood in employment, training or education.

Cllr Christine Robson, Cabinet member for Children, Young People, and Schools, said:

All our work with our young people is designed to set them up with a fair start in life when they grow up. It can be a sudden and abrupt transition for care-leavers. This tax break is will take some of the sting out of that, and increase their chance of a successful, self-reliant and independent future.

Cllr Adam Swersky, Cabinet member for Finance and Commercialisation, said:

“This is one of the very best ways this Council can use its money to make a difference for the most vulnerable in our society. Government cutbacks mean it’s never been harder for us to give tax breaks – so every penny has to count. This is a small investment in that context - but it gives real bang for its buck in our ambition to build a better Harrow for all our residents.”

Young people who have been through the care system are some of the most vulnerable in society. Many will have suffered from abuse or neglect in their childhood. They tend to make the transition to adult life at a younger age than their peers, often without the support of a traditional family unit. That’s why the Council steps in to provide additional support.

Around 150 young people will be eligible for the exemption in the first year, with around 25 children in care turning 18 each year.