Year in review - Making Harrow Clean

As we welcome the New Year, we take a look back at the huge amounts of work carried out by our clean teams and enforcement officers to make Harrow clean and free of rogues.

From street cleansing, HMO raids, and trading standards to fining litterbugs and getting tough on fly-tippers – there’s been a lot our teams deal with on a daily basis. Check out our year in review video. 

Around 18,000 tonnes of dumped waste collected daily from your streets, bins collected from more than 2000 roads every week, 6 of our parks retaining their Green Flag status, more than 8000 litterbugs fined in the last year, busting rogue traders and hundreds of reported HMO’s investigated - these are just some of the many things our teams do to make Harrow clean – and here are some of last year’s highlights:

January to April

2017 started with the national Crime not to care campaign in Edgware to highlight how important it is to always check for a waste carriers licence when getting someone to remove waste. Without checking you could land yourself into trouble if they fly-tip it.

Our noise abatement team prosecuted a noisy neighbour Mandu Ukpong for continuously playing Chris Brown. He was ordered to pay almost £3,000 for the crime. We also had trading standards bust when officers found local trader D&D Ro Ltd in Edgware hiding illegal tobacco – they were fined more than £4,000.

In April, environmental health officers uncovered 17 people crammed in property in Edgware. It was believed up to 40 may have been living there sharing just one bathroom, toilet and kitchen. We took action against the letting agent to deal with the overcrowding.

May to August

In May, our environmental health teams continued their action against rogue landlords and tenants. They took action against a landlord whose property was run by nightmare tenants. Some if their antics included playing loud music and urinating in the front garden.

Our food hygiene inspectors pulled the shutters down on TSK Cash and Carry on Rayners Lane where rat poo was found on chocolate. The owner was fined nearly £5,000. And they didn’t stop there the owner of Mama’s Kitchen – also in Rayners Lane - was given a hefty penalty and ordered to pay a massive £25,000 for major rat infestation, rotting food on shelves, and poor hygiene. 

Our environmental health officers uncovered a house of horrors when the ceiling collapsed upon inspection. Shockingly they found tenants had been living in the flooded property for six months. We forced the landlord to fix the property.

In June our CCTV cameras caught a man flinging chicken bones out of his car and onto the street – he was quickly traced and issued a fixed penalty notice. Choosing to ignore it, we took him to court and he was ordered to pay more than £500 for littering.

On the subject of littering, we also put in place the borough-wide PSPO to crack down on bad behaviour – that means £100 on the spot fine to anyone caught urinating, defecating and spitting in public.  

September to December

Miesko Polish Deli in Sudbury got into a right mess when we prosecuted them for leaving rotting meat and waste overflowing in their backyard. The owner refused to pay the £100 fixed penalty notice so we took them to court and they were ordered to pay more than £1,500. In December they appealed the decision only for the courts reject it and increase the costs to almost £7k for poor waste management.

Trading standards got tough on two local traders for selling fake football goods and children’s toys. Both were prosecuted and asked to pay a huge fine. They also clamped down on a rogue builder who bullied his customer to hand over money before starting the job and leaving it incomplete. Thomas Cash was taken to court and forced to pay £10,000. 

New litter bins were being installed across the borough as part of the make Harrow clean campaign. 600 out of the 2000 new litter bins will be installed by March 2018.

Noise abatement officers prosecuted another noisy neighbour, this time in Harrow Weald. Michael McCatty blasted loud music into the early hours and expected his neighbours to request turning it down – even at 1am. He was prosecuted and asked to pay £650. However he breached the notice so we seized his equipment.

When a street sweeper in Rayners Lane found a homeless man living in a fridge, our environmental health team stepped in to find the man a warm place to live with the local street pastors. They also sought to prosecute the owner of the industrial fridge.

Our environmental officers were shocked when they discovered 28 people crammed in a property on Mollison Way with a two month old baby. The landlord was forced to take action, move the tenants out and licence the property as a HMO.

When two water mains burst in Wealdstone flooding the area, our clean teams and highways along with partners – Thames Water, Police, and London Fire Brigade – swiftly got stuck in and ensure the road cleared of muck and re-opened quickly.

You can help us continue to make Harrow clean

It’s certainly been a busy year, and 2018 will our teams continue to make Harrow clean, and take action against criminals blighting the borough. You can help us by reporting all instance of environmental crimes online or by downloading our reporting app (for fly-tipping and littering only) – search Harrow Council in the App store or Google Play.