Caught in a mess - poor waste management lands business in big trouble


A disgraced local business in Harrow that got caught up in its own mess has been ordered to pay more than £1,500 for poor waste management.

Miesko Polish Deli in Sudbury continuously left loose rotting meat, bin bags and packaging strewn in their own backyard and car park. 

After pleas for help from neighbours, Harrow Council’s enforcement officers visited the deli and found the disgusting eyesore. Despite being warned and instructed to clear up their mess, they showed no sense of pride or responsibility in keeping the area clean. The director, Mrs Jolanta Wrobel was eventually served £100 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

However, the plot becomes messier! They stopped the cheque to pay the FPN and continued to wreak havoc with their mess. The business was finally prosecuted at Willesden Magistrates Court on 15 August, and made to pay in total £1,530.66 for failing to take care of their waste. 

Cllr Graham Henson, cabinet member for environment said:

“Wrobel’s irresponsible and disgusting behaviour not only caused misery for others, but made the area a dirty place – and that is completely unacceptable. She thought she could defy our warnings, and now has a lot to pay. 

“Everyone is responsible for their own waste – whether you’re a business or resident. We’ll do the same with anyone else not managing waste properly or are caught undoing our work to make Harrow clean.”