Cracking down on bad behaviour

A new borough-wide protection order is now in place to keep trouble out of the borough. Includes £100 fine for urinating, defecating and spitting in public.

A massive crackdown on filth and anti-social behaviour is now in effect - anyone caught making Harrow dirty will face a spot fine of £100. 

Harrow Council have approved a borough-wide Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) - so anyone caught taking part in filthy behaviours such as urinating, defecating, or spitting in public will pay the price. 

With the backing of the police and Harrow residents, there will also be a ban on driving over footpaths, footways and verges; failing to pick up dog mess and smoking in children’s play areas. Joint work with the police will help tackle drunkenness - no, there’s no ban on drinking but people must stop when asked to do so by officers. 

Graham Henson, cabinet member for environment said:

“Like all our residents and businesses I want to see a clean, safe and trouble-free borough. Sadly there are some individuals intent on making Harrow a dirty and unpleasant place to live and work - and that is totally unacceptable. That is why we’ve introduced these tough new powers, and we will be working closely with Harrow Police. Anyone caught destroying our neighbourhoods or causing a nuisance to others will face the full weight of the law.”

The borough-wide PSPO will be in place for 3 years. It has the backing from residents and Harrow Metropolitan Police. Failure to pay the £100 fixed penalty notice could lead to prosecution where the fine increases to up to £1,000. 

Niki Walker-Tassell, Temporary Chief Inspector, Harrow Police said:

“We welcome and fully support these new powers which will assist officers in dealing with offenders swiftly and effectively. Anti-social behaviour has a detrimental impact on the community and we will continue to work closely with Harrow Council to ensure that Harrow remains a great and safe place to live and work.”