House of horrors: Ceiling collapses on stunned inspectors during call-out

Broken kitchen

Officers arrived to find private property raining indoors. They found fungal growth, damp and soaked electrics. The ceiling collapses before their eyes and ordered the landlord to fix the property.

A landlord in Harrow has been forced by Harrow Council to fix her ‘house of horror’ property after an emergency call out left inspectors fearing for their lives. 

Officers had already found a string of major safety hazards at the South Harrow property – including leaks that caused the kitchen to “rain indoors” – when the room’s ceiling suddenly collapsed, missing the inspecting plumber by inches.

By the time officers found the house’s electrics and appliances surrounded by water and kitchen cabinets soaked, they had seen enough. The house’s tenants were immediately moved to emergency accommodation – ending a three-month ordeal. 

Cllr Graham Henson, cabinet member for environment said:

“You couldn’t make this up – if you saw this house of horrors in the movies, you wouldn’t believe it.

“This landlord is a real disgrace – to think left her tenants in such danger, in an argument about money!  Well, now she has no tenants at all – and we’ll make sure she fixes the house – no matter how much it costs.” 

The home’s tenants had pleaded to the Council for help after their home became overrun with leaks and damp. A broken cistern caused the entire bathroom to flood which then rained into the kitchen. The landlord refused to repair it because the tenant fell into rent arrears. 

The landlord now has to fit in a new bathroom and kitchen as well as fix the electrics and ensure the damp is gone.