New collaborations, new partnerships

Connecting businesses directly with Harrow’s voluntary and community sector organisations

We want to encourage collaboration between our major suppliers and the organisations from the voluntary sector so that there are opportunities for the local area.

That’s why we’ve launched a new initiative – the Harrow Connect - to support our Voluntary and Community Sector organisations. The idea is to connect local VCS organisations to the Council’s suppliers directly, so they can each better understand how they can get help what each needs and what is has to offer the other. It also supports both the Council’s and its suppliers’ social value commitments, but most importantly of all, it also looks at how they can engage with each other for future partnerships.

Back in March this year, representatives from local VCS organisations met with Harrow Council’s top suppliers, together with officers from our Commercial and Procurement, Economic Development and Strategic Commissioning teams at our first Harrow Connect event where suppliers and VCS organisations were introduced to each other, and encouraged to explore how they could work together for the betterment of the borough and its communities.

Dan Burke from the Young Harrow Foundation commented:

“The event was extremely helpful in giving local charities a chance to develop real relationships with key businesses. This was a true partnership between Council, businesses that have a CSR need and priority and the charity sector. It's events like these that starts to change the culture of competitiveness to a productive collective partnership that's helps more people in our community reach their potential.”

The meeting also introduced the Harrow Network, the council’s new portal for identifying opportunities in the local area.

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