Local constituency results - General Election 2017

Confirmation of the MPs who will serve our area.

Results for all three of our local parliamentary constituencies were declared in the early hours of Friday morning. Here's a breakdown of the votes and turnout for each. 

Harrow East

Bob Blackman, Conservative Party - 25,129 votes

Navin Shah, Labour Party - 23,372 votes 

Adam Bernard, Liberal Democrat Party - 1,573 votes

Emma Wallace, Green Party - 771 votes

Turnout: 70.9% 

Harrow West

Gareth Thomas, Labour Party - 30,640 votes

Hannah David, Conservative Party - 17,326 votes

Christopher Noyce, Liberal Democrat Party - 1,267 votes

Rowan Langley, Green Party - 652 votes

Rathy Alagaratnam, UKIP - 470 votes 

Turnout: 72.1%

Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner

Nick Hurd, Conservative Party - 30,555 votes

Rebecca Lury, Labour Party - 16,575 votes

Alex Cunliffe, Liberal Democrat Party - 3,813 votes

Sarah Green, Green Party - 1,268 votes 

Richard Braine, UKIP - 1,171 votes 

Turnout: 72.9% 

Congratulations to all winning candidates.

We'd like to thank all council staff, police colleagues and others, who worked round the clock to ensure a well-run election in our area. 

You can see the full General Election results for the the UK on the BBC website.