Harrow recognises its Best, Bar None

The best of Harrow’s pubs, bars and clubs were celebrated last month at the final of Harrow’s 2017 Best Bar None Awards Competition.

The awards which recognise the best practices and high standards saw more than 80 people attend. Between October and February, pubs, bars and clubs were assessed on their commitment to safety, security and customer welfare.  Each entry had to prove they had robust procedures in areas such as fire safety, drug prevention, noise controls and staff training.

Five premises demonstrated that they had exceptional policies and procedures in place and awards were presented to:

  • Trinity, Harrow: Best Bar None Overall Winner
  • The Star, South Harrow: Best Late Night Venue
  • Trinity, Harrow: Best Harrow Town Centre Venue
  • Vintage Wine Bar. Pinner: Best Bar/Restaurant
  • The Moon on the Hill, Harrow: Best Pub

This year the awards were presented by the Deputy Mayor of Harrow, Councillor Margaret Devine, the Leader of Harrow Council Councillor Sachin Shah, the Chairman of the Council’s Licensing Committee Councillor Krishna Suresh, the Chief Executive of Harrow Business Improvement District Andy Stubbs and the Best Bar None national co-ordinator, Mick McDonnell.

Cllr Shah spoke about the importance of Harrow’s developing communities having a place to go and things to do, and how pubs fill that gaps.  Mick McDonnell said he was impressed from a national perspective that all of the venues that entered were accredited, which demonstrated the high standards expected in Harrow.   

In total, thirteen pubs proved they are up to the mark and are now officially accredited as amongst the Best Bar None nationally. They are:

The Royal Oak, Harrow; The Harrow, Harrow; Trinity; Harrow; The Queens Head, Pinner; The Village Inn, Rayners Lane; The Moon on the Hill, Harrow; The Junction, Harrow; Sync, Pinner Green; The Pinner Arms, Pinner; The Castle, Harrow-on-the-Hill; The Star, South, Harrow; and Vintage Wine Bar, Pinner.

Best Bar None – part of a national scheme supported by the drinks industry and government – is a local partnership supported by Harrow Council, Harrow BID and the Metropolitan Police.