Joyce Hixon celebrates 100th birthday


Dancing and laughing the day away, Joyce Hixon celebrated her 100th birthday with friends at Milmans Resource Centre yesterday.

Joyce reaches the fantastic 100th birthday milestone on Wednesday 12 April – but celebrated early at Milmans yesterday surrounded by friendly faces and a special visitor – the Jamaican High Commissioner, Seth George Ramocan.

Born in Jamaica, Joyce came to the UK in 1964 with her grandmother, parents and two younger siblings. At 100 Joyce still lives life as a Caribbean free spirit and doesn’t look a day over 70.

When asked the million dollar question – what’s the secret of living a long and healthy life, Joyce laughs, points to the sky and says “Everyone wants to know the secret - I tell them it’s that man up there, with the grace of God. I just tried to do good and obeyed my parents”.

When asked what her hobbies were, she talks animatedly of her love for music and reading. She talks about her fond childhood memories playing with her siblings at home, which she says she “enjoyed and remembers a lot”. During Joyce’s earlier years, she used to work at three local hospitals including, Edgware as a domestic worker before furthering her career as a carer for the elderly.

Joyce who currently lives in Ewart House, extra care housing accommodation has been coming to Milmans three times a week for the past 14 years – she never misses a day and is very much loved by the team.

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