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SEN Assessment & Review Service (SENARS)

The Special Educational Needs service works with families of children and young people, schools, and other agencies. We work to ensure that children and young people with special educational needs get the most out of their education and maximise their achievements.

Who is the service for?

  • Children and young people up to 25 years old with special educational needs and their families who live in Harrow.
  • Children with special educational needs who are looked after by Harrow Council.
  • Children and young people with special educational needs, which cannot reasonably be provided from within the resources normally available from mainstream early years settings, schools or post 16 colleges.

What we do

  • Carry out the statutory process for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.
  • Monitor and review EHC plans and statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN).
  • Authorise transport requests for children and young people with special education needs.

Who can make a request?

  • The child’s/young person’s parents.
  • A young person over the age of 16 (or somebody on their behalf).
  • A person acting on behalf of an early years setting, school or post 16 institution (this should be with the knowledge and agreement of the parent or young person).
  • Others who work with your child/young person can also tell the local authority if they think an assessment is needed (such as your doctor, health or social care professionals).


Frequently asked questions

1. What should I do if I think my child has special educational needs?

If your child is not at school or going to an early years setting you can talk to your doctor or health and social care professionals who will be able to give you advice about what to do next.

If your child is attending an educational setting you can ask to speak to a member of the teaching staff, such as the class teacher, or the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  They will be able to explain to you how they are working to support your child. 

2. What is an Education and Health Care (EHC) Needs Assessment?

If a child or young person needs intensive or specialist support that cannot be met from the resources available from an educational setting, a request for an EHC needs assessment can be made.

Only a very small percentage of children/young people will require an EHC needs assessment as set out in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2015.  This is a detailed assessment which looks at the needs of the child or young person in education, health and care. View Harrow Council's eligibility guidance for an EHC needs assessment

3. What is an EHC plan?

The EHC plan is a legal document describing a child or young person’s special educational needs, the provision to meet those needs and the suitable educational placement. It replaces statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments (LDAs) and covers education, health and care services from birth to age 25 for those remaining in education.

Transfer deadline of 31 March 2018 met by Harrow Council

All local authorities were under a statutory duty to complete transfer reviews of statements of SEN by 31 March 2018 and if appropriate issue every child or young person who had a statement of SEN with an EHC Plan (EHCP).

The transfer of statements to EHCPs was an enormous and challenging task but it has been achieved with the exception of a few transfers which are in progress and should be issued within the summer term. This achievement is down to the organisation, hard work and collaboration between SEN assessment and review service, education providers, local authority partners, parents and carers.

It is also important to note that for any statement of SEN for which a transfer review has not been completed by 31 March 2018, the special educational provision and the placement described in the statement will continue to remain in force until a transfer review has been completed and a decision is made about future provision.


For further information about how the system works and what to expect please view the links below:


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