Grey/green (general) bin


green grey bin


What goes in your green/ grey bin?

Your general waste bin is ordinarily collected once every 2 weeks. The bin will be cleared at any time from 6.30am on your collection day. Your general waste bin may be either green or grey. This will not make a difference to your collections.

Any rubbish which is not inside your bin will not be collected (e.g. black bags left near/ next to your bin), and this extra rubbish may mean your bin is not collected.

What to put in your green or grey bin
The list below shows the common types of rubbish we accept in the grey/green bins. If you put anything in your grey/ green bin from the not allowed list your bin won’t be picked up.

Allowed Not allowed
Ash Garden waste
Textiles Food Waste
Dog / Cat waste Recyclable items (anything that can go in your blue recycling bin)
Disposable nappies


Glass cups  
Vacuum cleaner bags / dust  
Cling film  
Plastic (toys, bags, plates, cutlery, plant pots)  
Bubble wrap  
Wood - painted or stained  
China / crockery


Light bulbs  

Hazardous liquids
If you need to dispose of cooking oil or engine oil you can bring it to the rubbish and recycling centre. However we are not licenced to collect any hazardous liquids such as:

  • paraffin
  • turpentine
  • methylated spirits




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