Black (food) bin


black food caddy


What goes in your black food bin?

Your food waste bin will ordinarily be collected once a week as long as it is only filled with food waste and the correct food waste bio bags. The bin will be cleared at anytime, from 6.30am on your collection day.

As the bin is small please leave it somewhere our crews will be able to easily see it, near the edge of your property.

Please line your black bin with either newspaper, kitchen roll or a food waste bio bag to help keep your bin clean and make it easier for our crews to empty. (If you use a plastic bag we will not collect your food waste rubbish).

You will also have a kitchen caddy that you can keep if your home to store your food waste before your collection day.

What to put in your food bin
The list below tells you common household items of rubbish we accept in the black bin. If you put anything in your black bin from the not allowed list your bin won’t be picked up.

Allowed Not allowed
All food waste Plastic bags
Tea bags and coffee grounds Garden waste (grass cuttings, soil, twigs, branches)
Eggs Blue bin waste
Meat, fish and bones Grey/ green bin waste
Fruit (including fruit fallen in your garden)  
Vegetables and peels  
Cut flowers only  
Harrow Council approved bio bags  
Dairy items e.g. cheese, yoghurt, butter  

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