Blue (recycling) bin


What goes in your blue bin?

blue bin

Your blue recycling bin is ordinarily collected every two weeks as long as it is filled with the dry items that can be recycled. The bin will be collected at any time from 6.30am on the day of your collection.

Make sure all your recycling is put loose into the blue bin as bin bags and other plastic bags will mean your bin won't be collected.

What to put in your recycling bin
The list below tells you common household items of rubbish we accept in the blue bins. If you put anything in your blue bin from the not allowed list your bin won’t be collected.

Allowed Not allowed
Aerosols Cans of butane (dispose at the recycling centre)
Aluminium foil Crisp packet / other plastic film of any kind
Cans and tins Batteries and other corrosive materials
Card / cardboard Food / garden waste
Drinks cartons Nappies / sanitary waste / tissues
Glass bottles and jars Hard plastics e.g. children's toys, garden furniture
Plastic bottles Rubble / bricks / concrete
Plastic containers (see more info below) Scrap / large metal e.g. coat hangers, baking trays, saucepans, frying pans
Paper: all types including shredded and junk mail. However not books unless you separate the paper from the binding, which goes in general waste. Polystyrene (including packing material)
  Any kind of plastic bag - including bin bags
  Light bulbs

Please rinse out anything that contained food or drink and squash plastic bottles and cardboard so you don’t run out of room in your bin.

Too much recycling waste?

Not sure if the plastic can be recycled?

Allowed Not allowed
Plastic pots (yoghurt, soup etc.) washed and with no left-over residue

Black plastic (sorting equipment cannot detect this colour)

Plastic tubs (margarine, ice cream etc.) washed and with no left-over residue

Crips and sweet packets / wrappers

Plastic trays / punnets (raw meat or ham trays, fruit punnets, veg trays) with the film lids and absorbent pads removed Film lids from the fruit, veg and meat pots or trays
Chocolate and biscuit tubs and trays

Laminated pouches (a pouch that springs back when you try and scrunch it)

Other clear plastic packaging Plastic toys
Brown plant pots (washed and with no soil left) Medicine packs, toothpaste tubes
  Plastic bottles containing chemicals


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