Alexa: linking to your address


Link your Alexa device to your address

Welcome to Harrow Council’s online voice activated enquiries service, using Alexa.

Follow the steps below to link your Alexa device to your address using the bin collection service as an example.

Step 1: download the app to your device

  • If you don't have the Alexa App. Go to Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iPhone) and download the free Amazon Alexa app


Step 2: log in

  • Open the Alexa app on your Android or Apple device and tap the menu
  • Select ‘Smart Home’
  • Select ‘Smart Home Skills’
  • Tap the ‘Enable Skills’ button
  • In the search bar type ‘Smart Things’
  • When it appears in the selection list, tap it
  • Tap ‘Enable’
  • Log in (or create an account and log in)
  • Once you are logged in you can ask Alexa to link your Alexa device to your address, by talking to her.

If you needed to create a new account, now begin again from 'step 2: log in'. This will get you back to the log in page again.

Step 3: linking Alexa to your address

  • Now turn your attention to the Alexa device. Say: “Alexa.” And wait for the blue light to display.
  • When you see the blue light say: “Ask Harrow Council to set up my bin collection”
  • Alexa will reply: “Would you like to set up your address using the device location or the Harrow Council website?”. Selecting 'the device location' will assume the address where the device is located; selecting 'Harrow Council website' will enable you to key in any Harrow based address.
  • If you selected device location Alexa will confirm your address and complete the process. You will then be able to ask Alexa bin schedule related questions.
  • If you selected Harrow Council website you will then need to go to complete the process.



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